Pennsylvania Juvenile Drug Charges

Being accused of a drug crime is a serious matter regardless of your age. However, if you are a minor it may be even more severe. Some drug charges in Pennsylvania are considered misdemeanors and some are viewed as felonies. The circumstances such as type of drug, amount of drug and what you intended to do with the drug will all dictate the charges. Being a juvenile with a drug crime conviction can alter many areas of your life such as your ability to legally operate a motor vehicle, your ability to be employed as well as your academic status. With so much at stake it makes sense for you to consult with a Philadelphia criminal defense attorney handling juvenile drug charges.

If you, or your child, have been accused of a juvenile crime, traffic offense or misdemeanor in Delaware County or Chester County, Pennsylvania please call our Delaware County Underage Drug Crime Attorney By retaining a skilled West Chester Juvenile Drug Crime Lawyer you will know that your child’s rights will be protected. Our lawyers offer free consultations to those accused of crimes in the Media, West Chester, Erie, Lancaster, Allentown, Reading, Scranton and Kennett Square areas.

Common Pennsylvania Juvenile Crimes

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Drug Charge Defense In Pennsylvania

Our attorneys will get to know the details of your pending Pennsylvania drug charges. Ideally a drug charge can get dismissed. If that is not possible perhaps a reduction in charges is attainable. Knowing how serious a drug charge is, and what is at stake, she will fight to defend your child’s rights and obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

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Our Harrisburg Underage Drug Possession Attorneys have many years experience handling all types of juvenile criminal cases, juvenile traffic violations and juvenile misdemeanors throughout Pennsylvania. If you or your child have been charged with a juvenile drug crime in southeastern Pennsylvania please call our drug possession lawyers today and let them protect your child’s rights, reputation, freedom and future.