It’s one thing to see those blue lights flashing in the rear view mirror when you may be looking at a simple speeding ticket; it’s another when it is a full blown accusation of DUI. Under Pennsylvania DUI laws a DUI has substantial repercussions; as a result, you want a seasoned Philadelphia DUI defense lawyer (or DUI attorney) in your corner. Our Philly DUI lawyers have helped clients through countless impaired driving cases and they can help you too.

Don’t think a DUI is all that big of a deal? Think again. In the Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and all of Pennsylvania, these cases are handled very seriously and for good reason.

DUI convictions can:

  • Get your license revoked
  • Cost you a lot of time and money (up to $10,000 in fines)
  • Get your car confiscated
  • Scar you with a permanent criminal record
  • Get you sent to jail or sentenced to probation
In addition, contrary to popular belief, issuance of a limited driving privilege is not automatic.

The Philadelphia DUI lawyers on our team can help reduce or eliminate the damage a DUI can cause. They know that many people can be apprehensive when seeking legal help, which is why we make sure your initial consultation is free and flexible payment terms are available. Contact us today.

You are not powerless. Take control. Know your rights. It may seem like the prosecution holds all the cards but they don’t. We can help you even the odds. Our Philadelphia County DUI attorneys will ensure that you understand both the charges against you and the defenses available.

Every DUI charge is different; together we will develop a strategy based on your individual case. We treat each of our clients’ cases as unique, individual situations that deserve effective legal counsel, regardless of how events have transpired. Our Philadelphia DUI attorneys can help you with:
  • DMV Hearings
  • Insurance Effects
  • Driving Privileges

Deciding on a Philadelphia DUI attorney may well be the most important decision you make. You need a lawyer with experience, knowledge, confidence, and courage. The wrong choice can cost you money, your license, or even a criminal record. All of these scenarios can be avoided by staying calm, cool, and collected while a skilled attorney represents you during this stressful period. Choose wisely. Choose our skilled Philadelphia DUI defense lawyers.

Feel free to contact us to schedule an initial consultation or contact a Philadelphia DUI lawyer through our online form to get your questions answered.

If you’ve been charged with DUI or Driving While Impaired, it’s important for you to take control of your situation.  Our DUI defense legal team can help you do just that.  The faster we can sit down and discuss your case together, the more details you will likely recall.  And in DWI cases, sometimes even the smallest details count. For many years our DUI attorneys have been scouring the facts surrounding their clients’ DWIs with an unwavering focus on the tiniest of details that might help our clients.  At the same time we have vigilantly kept up with an ever changing legal landscape.

The reasons why you were stopped by the police, as well as their justification for arresting you, are the first issues that we will examine together.  Over the past several decades our DUI lawyers have meticulously followed the appellate decisions surrounding reasonable articulable suspicion, that is the justification for the police stopping you, and probable cause, which is the legal reason why the officer claims they were within their authority to arrest you.  Under our constitution, each and every one of us has a right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure and it is this guaranty that prevents the police from being able to simply pull people over whenever they choose.

Beyond the legal issues presented by the facts surrounding why you were pulled over and arrested, we’ve also stayed on top of the changes in the rules of evidence that determine what a prosecutor can and can’t introduce at trial against you.  Though this kind of legal understanding may seem basic, the law changes like the wind and unless you are on top of your game, you could easily miss some factual or legal nuance that could end up being the difference between a conviction and an acquittal.

In addition to evaluating the merits of your case, we can also help get you back on the road quickly.  Even though you haven’t been convicted of anything, you’ve already had your license revoked for 30 days.  In most cases we’ll be able to get you a Pennsylvania limited driving privilege after 10.

Our DUI lawyers have been guiding our clients through some very tough situations for well over a decade. After we discuss the details of your case together and after we have answered all of your questions, we will jointly formulate the best course of action for you. We will explain how much it will cost and how we can best help you to accomplish your goals. We will arm you with information so that you will have peace of mind knowing that there will be no surprises. The faster we get started the faster we can get this behind you. Contact our team of Philadelphia DUI lawyers as there is no charge for the initial consultation.

Our Philadelphia DUI lawyers help people throughout Pennsylvania and they frequently handle offenses arising out of the following areas: Allentown, Bethlehem, Blue Bell, Doylestown, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Norristown, Pittsburgh, Reading, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre and York, Pennsylvania.